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Photo Stylish
Chikal Adli Hadrian
Photo Director
Muhammad Ichlasul Ariyah
Photographer 1
Muhammad Ichlasul Ariyah
Photographer 2
Chikal Adli Hadrian
Project Manager
Joel Andrew Montana Ginting
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31 October 2022

Photo & Graphic Design Concept

Farel Patisserie Café has been established in 2012 as a place where people can find a wide variety of viennoiseries, cakes, hand-crafted bread, and other qualified products with high standards and quality. One of the messages that Farel wants to convey to its customers is the priority of "quality, freshness, and special character" in every publication they want to display their products.

“Rasa Manis Bernilai Seni Tinggi” is the tagline to express work results in effective words. Therefore, we created a set that is taken from the classic style of a French patisserie which is full of dark colours as a representation of premium products that use warm tones. This styling technique can be found in various Renaissance-era paintings, especially by famous painters Rembrandt and Caravaggio, which are thick with high contrast, warm saturation, and the use of shadows that cover the entire space that enters the frame. This technique is also suitable for use on Farel products because the majority of the products are cakes that use original French butter so each cake has a sweet caramelization effect.

However, there are circumstances when we use a more modern or bright style to add variety to the style to enter a new market. We also implement branding revitalization in several publications in the scope of typography, layouting, photography, to videography so that Farel's branding can stand out among other competitors.

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