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02 November 2022

Branding Identity Project

“Is it possible for home to be a person and not a place?” Stephanie Perkins, Anna and the French Kiss

Sankyodai or 三人兄弟(San'ninkyōdai) means “3 Brothers”, like the name of the story behind the coffeeshop that was founded in 2019 on Jl. Ariajipang No. 6, Riau, Bandung. Starting from the excitement of 3 brothers who always offer a comfortable, friendly, and family experience to every customer who comes, this warm character inspires us to create a new image and identity for Sankyodai.

The previous Sankyodai logo was in the form of a Japanese pillar/column (Torii) which had too many connotations considering the historical attachment attached to this symbol became a fragile gap in creating a solid image. Therefore, we tried to experiment with several audiences who have their own meaning for the word "Homey Place", there are several unique responses and this confirms our conclusion in creating a symbol that represents the universal warm feeling that everyone has which defines the meaning of a family.

The object that we believe has a message that fits the Sankyodai is very simple – but becomes one of the forms with a universal visual language – with the shape of the roof of the house as well as in traditional Japanese culture – especially for the shape of the Irimoya roof (hip-and-gable roof) – often used in houses with dense areas with snow and strong winds to create solid protection for people in the house. In accordance with the intent and meaning of the Irimoya roof itself which offers warmth and hospitality among social structures that tend to be cold, Sankyodai comes with an inclusive feel.

However, in addition to the rebranding design that takes the traditional philosophy. We also added accents from the younger generation to emphasize balance and provide an image that can be accepted by customers from Gen Z. The addition of these accents is applied to various visual assets consist of typography, layouting, and motion. graphics. Last but not least, one of the most important aspects in designing an identity is photography that can convey the message of a brand. This is the last thing we do along with our visit to Sankyodai as a form of good effort in an effort to create long-term relationships in the future.

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