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Art Director
Nugie Nugraha
Project Manager
Geigo Sakayudha
Graphic Designer
Nugie Nugraha
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27 October 2022

Brand Identity Project

Tadashi Kohi or Good Coffee or also in other words that have a similar meaning is Yoroshī by using Hiragana よろしい (credit to Selin Turgan for good and correct Hiragana writing directions) appears as a coffeeshop that wants to find a unique identity in the middle of the booming coffeeshop market in Bandung. Choose a target market with age criteria from young adults/fresh graduates with a focus on female gender. The approach used to customers is a digital media approach and people's recommendation. Therefore, this design involves building an identity on one of the popular social media channels, Instagram.

Tadashi Kohi has a unique selling point, namely that it has a varied menu, with the impression that it wants to offer, namely coffee for the end of the day & coffee to go in the morning. Tadashi Kohi's flow tends to be fast because it features to-go features with good quality and competitive prices. By utilizing a small space, this minimalist Japanese style can emerge as a solution for space and a unique identity among existing competitors.

The concept that will be brought is the contemporary Minimalist-Japan, a concept that is still widely used by leading brands that have entered the commercial market but with a custom touch that we have. This concept has been proven to capture the attention of customers, especially young and middle-class adults. This concept was created because of the problems experienced by urban/city residents who are already crowded to feel the crowds and noise generated from the environment. Therefore, this concept uses minimal visual attributes without excessive eye strain, this creates a calmer and more comfortable psychological effect for customers who have noisy workplaces.

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