sunday creative lab - BAHARSA
Art Director
Nugie Nugraha
Project Manager
Geigo Sakayudha
Graphic Designer
Zaqy Al Fattah
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24 October 2022

Logo Identity Project

“Culture is a way of coping with the world by defining it in detail.” - Malcolm Bradbury

Without evading any of that, culture becomes the identity and basic needs of both individuals and certain communities. Even in Maslow's hierarchy of needs theory, identity becomes a need for self-actualization; the highest level of needs that can be achieved by humans. Baharsa became our trigger to explore the rich visual identities of various ethnic groups in Indonesia. Our starting point begins with a dualism cultural pattern that is often adapted by tribes who live close to nature and have a unique way of expressing themselves through natural objects that are the core driving force of life.

There are many visual elements from nature that have been adapted into various works of art which ultimately become the identity of the tribes in Indonesia. Baharsa wants an identity that can summarize the diversity of identities possessed by the tribes in Indonesia, considering that the average ideology of life shared by the tribes in Indonesia is very close to and respects the gift of Mother Earth—the parable of the goodness of nature in various forms such as crops and fruits. abundant food sources – therefore, after going through a creative process and selection to determine the main idea of ​​Baharsa, the identity of flora becomes the main visual asset in shaping the image of diversity that Baharsa wants to introduce. As Walt Disney said "There's no magic in magic, it's all in the details" we want to add a solid natural image by adding rustic and natural details on the ornamental side to the Baharsa logo. In addition, "Unity" will be Baharsa's universal language, this trait is imaged in the processing of a logo pattern that resembles the "Papat Kalima Pancer" pattern accompanied by 4 cardinal points that resemble twin brothers with a central point that is the source of identity from within to the outside.

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