sunday creative lab - CAR CRASH COMA
Zaqy Al Fattah
Photo Director
Zaqy Al Fattah
Assistant Photographer
Muhammad Ichlasul Ariyah
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25 October 2022

Photo & Design Concept

Emerging as a sound that offers a youthful spirit, Car Crash Coma is an alternative rock band founded in Solo, Central Java. The newest single released in 2021 with the title "Poison Garden", Car Crash Coma also participated in the launch of hoodie merch as a promo for activation and an effort to survive the pandemic that occurred in the same year.

Taking the same message as Car Crash Coma's identity, "Highly Explosive Rock Anthem" became the title of their article in the launch of a merch supported by the Unleash Record label. After several settings and briefings to determine the results of this photoshoot, we finally took some visual assets and settings with impulsive, spontaneous, and simple authentic feel to their latest article design.

sunday creative labsunday creative lab

sunday creative lab

sunday creative lab